Your ship crashed on an unknown planet. You need to repair it, explore around and try to find a way to go out of this planet !

How to play

WASD / ZQSD / arrows : Move the character

Space / Enter : Interact

Mouse pointer : looking around

Mouse click : Fire


Artist : Sverd

Sound Designer : Lgames

Programmers: VincentFoulon80, SoulsRuined

External Resources

Fonts :


Download 125 MB


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A lot of placeholder stuff and unfinished, but everything that was there  seemed really solid! I hope you four see this game through, I think it has a lot of potential.

Thank you for your comment ! Sadly not everybody on the team wanted to continue the game past this release :/ so don't expect any update
Sorry about this

That's a bummer. I enjoyed it!


Very interesting art style and interesting game play. I get a small sound skip when I enter or leave a cave. Sadly a bit short, aber has good potential! Nice Job!

Thank you ! We were quite short on time so we had to go with what we got at the end of the jam.